SMS Password Reset Option

SMS Password Reset Option

Here’s another way Jumpstart Corps Members can initially set up and reset their password for MyJstart in Oops, our online password reset program! This new method does not depend on encrypted emails or answering any security questions.

All Corps Member cell phone information (filled in on their application) has been connected to the specific member, allowing them to get a text message with a token that will let them initially set up and/or reset their password online.

The Corps Member should go to and enter the username they received in their MyJstart invitation then click the Start Reset button.

A screen will pop up stating the user’s full name, the MyJstart email, and a partial view of the Corps Member’s phone number.

This information should be carefully reviewed. If it is correct, click the Submit button.

The next screen will note that a text message – an SMS – has been sent, and a window will prompt the member to enter the numbers – the token – that they have received in the text message. It’s important to note that the token sent via email is NOT the new password – the token allows the user to get to the next screen and create a new password. The text message will come up as being sent by 617-652-5867. Standard text messaging rates apply to these texts.

After entering the token numbers sent via text, the screen will prompt the Corps Member to enter a new password. Enter the password according to the guidelines listed on the screen, and then enter it again to confirm.

A message will pop up to confirm the change:

Members can then go to MyJstart at and log in with their new password!

What happens if the system can’t find my cell number, or the number that comes up for confirmation is one I no longer use?

There are a couple of options – if you did create a Oops account and register security questions, you can use those questions to access your account and create a new password.  Directions on this process are explained here. If you did not already create an account in Oops, this method will not work for you. In that case, click on the Help link in the top right of the page to fill out an online help request form.