Jumpstart’s Online Password Reset System

Oops now supports resets through your phone via SMS. Click the button below for more information.

SMS Reset Option


In your email from Jumpstart that include your password, you’ll notice that instead of going immediately to MyJstart, you are instructed to go https://oops.jstart.org.  Why is that?

By entering your email, the password in the message, and setting up a security question and answer, you will register in the password reset system. This will then allow you to then change the password to something of your choosing that you will more likely remember. Also, should you forget your password 6 months from now, you can go to https://oops.jstart.org/ and reset your password, without having to contact tech support!

To set your recovery question on Oops. You’ll need to navigate to the set question page. To do that click “register an answer”:

Here’s the screen where you will enter your email, the password that was sent to you, and where you will create a security question and answer:

There are 6 different security questions you can choose from. Be sure to remember the question you’ve chosen and the answer!

After you’ve done that, click on the word “here” showing in the image below, or go directly to https://oops.jstart.org/.

On this screen, you’ll see a box similar to what you just worked in. Enter your email, the question and answer of the security info you just put in, and then create a new password.  Some things to keep in mind when creating your password: it must be at least 12 characters long; must include 3 out of 4 of: lowercase letters, capital letters, numbers, or special characters (#!?@:-+%& or spaces); and  are best thought of as pass phrases, using multiple words instead of complex substitutions of letters.

reset password screen Oops


Now go to https://my.jstart.org with your newly created password and log in! Should you forget your password later, click the Forget Password button on the homepage of MyJstart, and it will take you to the screen where you can create a brand-new password.

member guide opening a jumpstart secure email
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