Member User Guide to MyJstart

Welcome to MyJstart and thank you for your service to Jumpstart!

MyJStart is the online portal where Jumpstart members can see information and resources posted by their site/program manager. In addition, members can participate in Forum discussions and keep an eye on their site’s calendar.

To get started, log into with the email address you supplied in your member application, and with the password sent to you via email. If you did not receive the email with the password when your site manager told you to expect it, email and be sure to note the site where you are a member.

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll be on your site’s page. The page has several elements – a Home tab, with posts from your site/program manager and links to site forums discussions. If your site uses social media, it will show on the Home tab. In addition, you’ll see the News feed from Jumpstart’s website. There is a Calendar tab, with events populated by your site/program manager.

The next tab is the Knowledge Base. This tab is sorted into categories and sub-categories with articles, and resources you’ll need to be a Jumpstart member! Finally, the Courses tab is where you can find all the courses you need to be Jumpstart ready.

In the top menu, there are links to submit your time sheet and links to Jumpstart’s website.

Use the Help link in the top menu bar if you experience any technical issues with MyJstart.

Thank you for your service!

opening a jumpstart secure email jumpstart’s password reset system
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